Canesten Cream For Male Yeast Infection

Even though males don’t just get thrush on their own generally, the cream for male yeast infection would be the same ones that are used on females. It’s a pity that they couldn’t think up something for themselves again, and had to use our stuff again. The reason for this is because we women normally pass it on to them without either parties knowing, if you are not suffering all the symptoms of thrush yourself.
The unfortunate dude would have the same male yeast infection discharge as the woman, he would also get itchy on the tip of his penis, and it would be inflamed from all the rubbing and also be swollen. There is no mercy for him either without using the cream for male yeast infection, which doesn’t exist because it’s for women. Maybe what the pharmaceutical companies should do is just change the label on it, for the sake of the man’s ego and not wanting to use Canesten for women. A blue tube saying “Canesten For Men” could do. Fortunately the cream for male yeast infection would not be applied in the same manner as for vaginal thrush, which is internally. Generally the cream for male yeast infection would be applied liberally to the tip of the penis, and under the foreskin if he is not circumcised.  
Prevention Better Than Cure
Some males use cream for male yeast infection every time after they have had intercourse, just as a preventative measure. Not quite the same as the after pill, but however still effective enough to keep the next batch of nature’s unwanted cottage cheese and inconveniences at bay.
More men should be aware of what they can or cannot get from females. If they have never had a yeast infection discharge before, they may very well run off as fast as possible to the doctor to see what is wrong with their crown jewels. Thrush originally may very well be misconstrued as the partner having extra activities, but without knowledge what it is and how it is transferred, the poor male might think he has an incurable STD that has not been discussed at the bar counter yet.
Fortunately there is a cure for male thrush or Candida, with the use of cream for male yeast infection and a bit of antibiotics, the infection would go away. However, it should be noted too that with having to use too many antibiotics continuously your body can develop it’s on thrush when the system is weak.