Yeast Infection Home Treatments And Remedies

Most women will experience at least several yeast infections in their lifetime. If you become pregnant, chances are you will experience several during the pregnancy alone. Most women will automatically run out and purchase an over the counter yeast infection treatment. While this is an easy fix to a yeast infection, for women who get multiple yeast infections a year and find themselves suffering time and time again, the cost for over the counter treatments can quickly add up. Instead of running off and purchasing the expensive over the counter yeast infection treatments, try some yeast infection home treatments first.

Probiotics As Yeast Infection Home Treatments

Some great yeast infection home treatments are probiotics. These are live microbial organisms that exist naturally in the digestive tract and in the vagina. These are sometimes referred to as friendly bacteria, and they suppress the growth of harmful organisms like candida, or yeast. The more probiotics you have in your body, the less chance you have of getting a yeast infection. There are several different ways to increase your probiotic levels. First, you can take oral supplements. You can find these at almost any health store or pharmacy. Second, you can take probiotic vaginal suppositories. While these are available, it can be difficult to find the vaginal suppositories. If you are looking to fend off yeast infections, try the oral method. If, however, you are looking for an immediate yeast infection home treatment, you will need to find the vaginal suppositories.

Boric Acid Suppositories For Yeast Infection Home Treatments

Another great yeast infection home treatment is boric acid. This is a chemical substance that has antifungal properties and mild antiseptics. Some studies have shown boric acid to be as effective as other over the counter treatments when applied topically. The vaginal boric acid suppositories as yeast infection home treatments have been shown to be extremely affective for those who chose to use it instead of the traditional over the counter yeast infection treatments. However, unlike some of the other medical treatments, this yeast infection home treatment has to be applied for about two weeks before the infection will be completely gone.

You can find boric acid at almost any pharmacy or health store. Yeast Arrest is a popular boric acid suppository that you can probably find in a local pharmacy or health store. This particular product includes boric acid and other herbs like grape root and calendula.
However, if your yeast infection home treatment is not working, do not hesitate to see a doctor. Some yeast infections don’t respond to home treatments because they are a resistant strain and you will need other treatments.