All For One, One Male Yeast Infection Medicine For All

At last, woman can feel happy or wicked for a change knowing that men also suffer from some of the imbalances that women do. Yes the male can also get a yeast infection, more commonly known as thrush or Candida. And if you thinking is there a male yeast infection medicine available for them, the answer is no, just as you thought. Once again, the male population can’t get their own medication; they would have to use the same as the females. Typical, because they probably thought they would or could never get something as thrush, so yes, a woman probably invented the male yeast infection medicine, just to make him feel better psychologically.
Besides the antibiotics that men would need as part of the male yeast infection medicine, they use the same creams that are available for woman. After all, most men think that infections come from woman naturally so the need for any male yeast infection medicine would be unheard of.

 Considering it has always been seen as a female problem, the yeast infection can be passed on to the male, even if she is not showing any signs of it. While the poor lad may very well have himself checked out for a STD for the lack of knowledge, he will at least learn that he too can get thrush. At least it would be comforting for woman to know that when he does collect his script it would be what woman use, and he would be convincing himself eternally it is a male yeast infection medicine only. Yes the script did read “cream for male yeast infection” just to save his ego.
What Is Thrush?
Thrush itself is a sugar or more like acidity/alkalinity imbalance in the system, and because the womanly parts are warm and moist, it is the perfect breeding ground for that cottage cheese to occur. Yes, thrush is transferable through oral sex too, and having thrush in the mouth is painful for those who know, as it is like blisters inside the mouth with a continuous milky white mucous too. It sounds disgusting, but the female can avoid it especially if she inclined to be allergic to certain fabrics and or toiletries. Also by having too many antibiotics could lead to getting thrush by both men and women.
Although the male yeast infection medicine is the same for females, the application would be different. So if you ever heard a male screaming blue murder from having thrush, he read the instructions from the box properly, instead of just listening to what the doctor told him to do.