Basic Tips On Treating Your Yeast Infection

TIP! Don’t use anything that is scented. These types of products will cause your infections to flare.

While being a woman is great, there are many health issues that affect us. Yeast infections are one of them and if you’ve had one, you should know how irritating they can be. This article has some great tips to help you prevent and treat yeast infections.

TIP! Perfumes are very bad for your vaginal area. Scented items such as sprays and soaps may irritate the vaginal area and give rise to a yeast infection.

Sweating profusely creates a warm, humid environment. In order to prevent a yeast infection from growing, eliminate moisture. It is best to put on clothes that are made from cotton or something that is natural. Cotton allows your body to breath much more easily. Stay away from spandex, Lycra and nylon. All of these man-made fabrics trap moisture that promotes the growth of yeast.

TIP! Try eating more yogurt if you are prone to yeast infections. Yogurt contains beneficial cultures and probiotics that can help your body fight off imbalance and provide you with a healthier vaginal flora.

Avoid any scented or caustic hygiene products. If you use a body scrub or a douche you can cause further irritation. However, this can affect its natural moisture and acidity levels. This will make you more likely to get a yeast infection. If you have to, stick to mild soaps meant for that area.

Eating Yogurt

TIP! If you get yeast infections a lot, make sure you introduce probiotics to your diet. For example, acidophilus, a bacteria found in yogurt,helps to keep balance within the body, reducing the risk of a yeast infection.

Try eating yogurt. If you think you might be coming down with a yeast infection, start eating yogurt. The acidophilus cultures in yogurt are essential to your body. By adding healthy bacteria to the genital tract, it will start fighting off some of the things that start yeast infections in the first place, and keeps them from sticking around if they do develop.

TIP! If you have to take antibiotics, you have to work extra hard to prevent a yeast infection. Although antibiotics effectively treat many maladies, they also negatively impact the natural balance of bacteria in the vagina.

Try eating yogurt and garlic to help with your yeast infection. When relieving the symptoms, or preventing the symptoms, of a yeast infection is necessary, garlic is great tool. Search for garlic pills in local pharmacies or health food stores. Try sticking with the deodorized version. Adding two cups of sugar-free, live culture yogurt to your daily diet will greatly increase the healing or prevention.

Tea Tree Oil

TIP! You can transmit a yeast infection to someone else quite easily. If you have a sexual partner, abstain for at least a week after your infection is gone.

Tea tree oil is a natural remedy that is quite effective in curing your yeast infections. A mixture of almond oil and tea tree oil is effective as a topical application on the vagina. Avoid using this oil without diluting it with a carrier oil as it may burn and make you feel worse down there. This works to battle infection and bring back proper pH balance.

TIP! If you partake in a lot of exercise or swimming, make sure you always change your clothes. You should not be relaxing in sweaty or wet clothing.

If you get a yest infections every time it’s that time of the month, take charge. Include acidophilus supplements just before, during and after you menstruate. You’ll see that the symptoms aren’t as hard to deal with, and may even go away. As such, you will be able to stop it before it happens.

TIP! Stay clean, but don’t use a douche. Make sure you thoroughly clean your genital area while taking a shower.

You should shun wearing tight clothes and garments made from synthetic fabrics. Tight clothing, especially underwear, traps moisture and raises your body temperature, as well as constricting airflow. Yeast thrives in areas where the air isn’t able to circulate. Go with clothing that’s made of natural materials like cotton for example.

Yeast Infections

TIP! Yogurt is a great yeast infection cure. Eat yogurt to help give your body good bacteria; but remember you can rub plain yogurt on areas that bother you.

Probiotics are a great product to consume if you desire to calm yeast infections. Acidophilus, the common bacteria in most yogurt, is a beneficial culture that helps to balance the bacteria within the body, staving off yeast infections. You can also buy probiotics as either a powder or a tablet.

TIP! You need to wear loose clothing so that your vagina can breathe. Yeast likes the warmth and moisture that this clothing can produce.

Do not use products that contain scents for your vagina. These chemicals can dry out your vagina and disrupt balance. This can result in itchiness and dryness. When this happens, a breeding ground is established for yeast organisms to thrive in. Look for products that are non-scented, and make sure you’re aware of any discomfort these products may cause.

TIP! If your doctor tells you that you have a yeast infection, your partner may have one too. Yeast infections can easily be passed from partner to partner, and they are difficult to cure unless both parties receive treatment.

If you have to take antibiotics, be even more alert and proactive towards yeast infections. They’re very helpful but can interfere with some of your natural bacteria. You need good bacteria that can fight back against yeast infections.

TIP! You can prevent yeast infections with a regular regimen of acidophilus tablets. These tablets are filled with enzymes that will help to balance your body’s flora.

Those that are prone to sweat, water, or other moisture-intensive work environments should wear cotton underwear and regularly change their clothes. Lounging around in the same moist clothes will lead to sensitive skin and increase the chances of an infection occurring. Yeast has no problem living in these kinds of places. Get changed the second you are done exercising. That includes your underwear as well.

Yeast Infections

Yeast infections can even bring down the strongest women. It’s best to prevent yeast infections using what you’ve learned here to guide you.