Causes Of Male Yeast Infection

There is a misconception that men do not get infections by yeast. It is a fact that male yeast infections are on the rise and they affect more men today. Men will not just suffer from thrush which mainly affects the mouth but will also go down with penile yeast infection. It occurs when the penis or the male organ for reproduction is affected. Those who are infected can transmit this infection to sexual partners in the activity of sex that is unprotected. Sex sees the exchange of bodily fluids and yeast infection can be transmitted in this manner.

However, there has been little information on penile yeast infection and it is vital for all men to be keen. The following are some of the top causes of penile yeast infection that will be eye-opening. This ways, men will be empowered on how to go about dealing with the problem if it hits and also preventing it. As hinted above, sex is the notorious transmitter of this kind of infection in men and their partners. It is one of the leading ways in which men get infected. To remedy this, married partners must seek treatment and use protection to break cycle of infection; and other sexual partners mush use protection without compromise.

Medications such as antibiotics can be the cause of the problem especially when used for long. This is because the medications will kill even essential bacteria which are helpful in keeping population of yeast in check in the body. Fungus must not overgrow otherwise there will be an imbalance. Diabetes is known to cause high sugar levels in the body and this is a problem. This is a full blown party for yeast to feast. For this reason, it is important for men to have diabetes under control. Having tests done to rule out diabetes is a bold step to take and an important one at that.

When you are choosing condoms it is wise to choose those that do not have a lubricant called nonoxyunol-9. It never hurts to read on labels and make sure that the products in this case condoms are in top condition for you. Avoiding condoms with spermicidal lubricants is the best way to go according to experts. The list of causes is pretty long. Uphold prevention but if it strikes, you need to see a doctor. The top symptoms of penile yeast infection are dry penile skin that is flaky, itchiness, whitish formation on the tip of the penis, pain and soreness and the list goes on and on.