Common Chronic Yeast Infection Causes

A yeast infection is an occurrence in the body where the normal levels of candidiasis yeasts elevates and disrupts the body’s normalcy. A chronic yeast infection is when the body has repetitive occurrences of the infection even with medication. The chronic yeast infection cause can be anything as incongruous as bad hygiene or a weak immune system.

Factors Of Chronic Yeast Infection Causes

Our body normally has yeast population son the skin and the intestines. One chronic yeast infection cause may be in the things that come in contact with the skin. Our skin may be our first line of defense against the elements and diseases but it is not impervious. A chronic yeast infection cause can be as easy as a very strong detergent or soap that changes the balance of the yeasts present in the skin. Strong lotions, soaps and shampoos can also cause a change in balance in the skin and may as well be some of the many chronic yeast infection causes.

Another possible chronic yeast infection cause is the weal immune system. No mater how many times the individual treats the yeast infection, it may come back in another place or the same place. This chronic yeast infection cause is one of the more favored by doctors. There are many reasons for having a weak immune system. Having HIV is one of them or the constant use of antibiotics. A person may actually have a weak immune system with or without any complicating disease or medication.

Diabetes is another possible chronic yeast infection cause. The presence of sugars in the bloodstream can increase the populations of yeast in the body, anywhere and anytime. This means that being a diabetic can make the person more prone to recurring yeast infections.

Bad hygiene is one thing that can also be a chronic yeast infection cause. The reluctance or inability to properly clean the private parts can cause recurring bouts of infections and a host of other diseases. It is not only important to keep some parts of the body dr but also clean.

Being able to notice chronic yeast infection symptoms before they get worse is one thing that a person should be able to do. Since this may be a recurring phenomenon, one can easily get used to what the symptoms are. At the first sign of any symptom, it is best to visit a doctor for a prescription or a change of prescription since it seems not to have worked.