Common Male Yeast Infection Causes

Unlike what many think, men do suffer from yeast infections. It is a fact that male yeast infections are on the rise and they affect more men today. It is not just thrush that will affect men but also penile yeast infection which is quite an infection. This is infection by a fungus on the male reproductive organ. For people who engage in unprotected sex, transmission of this infection will be rife and it is one of the leading causes. Coitus sees the transfer of fluids of the body between or among partners and this is the reason why infections occur.

Misconceptions have been due to limited information on this kind of male yeast infection. The causes of penile infections by yeast are as listed below. This ways, men will be empowered on how to go about dealing with the problem if it hits and also preventing it. The first cause of this infection is sex as stated above and this is unprotected sex. This is the leading method in which transmissions occur. The solution to this is to use protection during sex and for those in marital unions; infections must be treated first to curb a cycle of infections that might follow.

The prolonged use of antibiotics can cause the infection. These medications are able to eliminate helpful bacteria which cause an imbalance that in turn lead to infections by yeast. The imbalance comes in when fungus multiplies. Diabetes is known to cause high sugar levels in the body and this is a problem. Yeast will have a field day in this environment and overgrow. For this reason, it is important for men to have diabetes under control. Those who have not been checked for diabetes should do so.

Condom lubricants like nonoxynol-9 have been linked to yeast infections and should be avoided. This element has been seen to cause yeast infection and it is good to read labels and see that you buy condoms that are actually safe. An expert will advise people to keep away from spermicidal lubricants. There are so many other causes of penile yeast infection. Prevention is best but you need a doctor when you get infected. The top symptoms of penile yeast infection are dry penile skin that is flaky, itchiness, whitish formation on the tip of the penis, pain and soreness and the list goes on and on.