Do You Have A Yeast Infection? Read On

TIP! If you think you may be suffering with a yeast infection, see your doctor. The worst thing that you can do is let it linger and get worse before you seek help and get the appropriate medicines to reduce the infection.

If you are a woman, you probably already know something about yeast infections. You might have had a yeast infection yourself. Whether or not you’ve had one, you must learn the symptoms and how to deal with yeast infections. The following are some great ways to handle a yeast infection.

TIP! Stay away from anything scented or caustic. Douches and body washes are commonly used by many women.

If you have yeast infections frequently, you might need to switch up bath products. Don’t use soaps or cleansers that are full of dyes and fragrances. These things can affect the natural balance of bacteria in the vagina, as well as your natural pH and create an environment for growing yeast. Try using only hypoallergenic products instead of these highly perfumed ones.

TIP! Avoid using anything scented near your vagina. Scented sprays and soaps irritate the area and increase the chances of a yeast infection.

If your yeast infection is causing you pain, take a pain reliever. Due to the impact the discomfort can have on your day, you want to ensure that you are able to minimize the effects you are feeling as much as you can.

TIP! Eat more garlic and natural yogurts. Garlic works to stave off yeast infections.

Do not douche. While you may think you are cleaning the area, the truth is that your body has a natural way to keep itself in balance. By disrupting the natural balance with anything external, you can make yeast infections much more likely. Cleaning the area with soap and water is sufficient.

TIP! Get proactive if you notice yeast infections come with your period. Take an acidophilus tablet before and after your period.

Stay away from things that are scented or contain irritating chemicals. Many women use body scrubs and douches in their vaginal area. That can upset the bacterial balance in your vagina. This leaves you more susceptible to yeast infections. Try to stick with only products that are mild and designed to be used on that area of the body.

TIP! Cotton underwear is your best defense against developing yeast infections. Underwear made of synthetic materials just hold moisture in, which causes yeast to grow.

Stay away from diaphragms and condoms when you use any cream for yeast infections. The treatment cream may interfere with birth control solutions. You should not have sex until your infection is cured. If you cannot abstain, discuss options with your doctor.

Healthy Bacteria

TIP! If you are not careful, you can transmit your yeast infection to others. If you have one, don’t have sex for at least a week after it’s been cured.

Yogurt is an excellent addition to your diet. When yeast rears its ugly head, yogurt can help. Yogurt has acidophilus cultures that are a type of healthy bacteria. By adding healthy bacteria to the genital tract, it will start fighting off some of the things that start yeast infections in the first place, and keeps them from sticking around if they do develop.

TIP! Oral yeast infections are another form of infection that you can contract. When you get this, you should take a visit to your physician as soon as possible.

One natural method for treating a yeast infection is the use of apple cider vinegar. Dilute it in water and spread it on your vagina. This vinegar is very much concentrated, so it is advisable to dilute it. You can put in garlic for itch relief, too.

Eating Yogurt

TIP! If you suffer from reoccurring yeast infections there is help available. Although you might cure it, if it keeps coming back then that means that you are doing something that is causing the yeast infection to recur.

Eating yogurt every day can help prevent yeast infections. The bacteria in yogurt helps fight the organisms that cause a yeast infection. Eating yogurt is not a cure to yeast infections though. Once you have a yeast infection, eating yogurt does not relieve your infection.

TIP! Some methods of birth control make yeast infections more prevalent. Contraceptive pills contain large amounts of estrogen, which can negatively affect vaginal health.

If you face frequent yeast infections, try adding probiotics to your menu. Acidophilus, a bacteria found in all yogurts, is one probiotic that can help balance your body and decrease or get rid of yeast infections. You can buy probiotic supplements, too.

TIP! Avoid wearing synthetic fibers. Synthetic clothing can prevent air circulation, which can trap moisture and heat near your skin.

Yeast thrives in a warm, moist environment. For instance, wearing a wet swimsuit will cause a yeast infection to grow and spread. After you exit the swimming pool or ocean, change into some dry clothes to prevent this from happening and keep this area dry.

TIP! If you have sex with someone who has a yeast infection, both parties must get treatment. Yeast infections may be passed, which can make it hard to cure.

Now that you are aware of more information about yeast infections, handling them should be easier. Knowing what a yeast infection is and how to treat it is your best defense against this condition!