Oral Yeast Infection Cause: More Than One Reason For Onset Of This Infection

The body is populated with millions of microscopic organisms as well as bacteria that, as long as they exist in the right amounts, will not cause us any problems. Some of these bacteria and microorganisms are good for the body and some are harmful. When they coexist in the correct balance a person will not be bothered as far as digestion is concerned.

Oral Yeast Infection Cause: Control Candida Albicans

To understand the real oral yeast infection cause it is necessary that a certain group of fungus (yeast-like, and known as Candida Albicans) be controlled so that the balance between such bacteria and good bacteria is not disturbed. However, when the delicate balance between good and bad bacteria is disrupted and Candida albicans starts to multiply out of control it is often considered the prime oral yeast infection cause.

Unfortunately, too many people on this planet develop oral yeast infection and in fact this health condition affects children and infants as well as elderly people more than able-bodied persons, and so the need to determine the exact oral yeast infection cause is greatest in the case of infants and elderly people who can even die if the condition is not treated in time.

Main Oral Yeast Infection Cause

The main oral yeast infection cause is of course an imbalance between yeast fungus Candida albicans and the good bacteria in the system. Another possible oral yeast infection cause is when a person’s immune system becomes weakened because of a number of different reasons. In its weakened state, the immune system loses its ability to control the balance between bad and good bacteria and when Candida albicans, bad bacteria, multiplies and becomes dominant it leads to oral yeast infection.

There are other related oral yeast infection causes as well including diseases such as diabetes that can upset the delicate balance and lead to oral yeast infection. Even using antibiotic prescription drugs too can be considered a possible oral yeast infection cause. The trouble with using antibiotics is that they kill off bacteria in the body – regardless of whether the bacteria are bad or good. This leads to the body becoming vulnerable to different health conditions and oral yeast infection is one such condition that can easily be caused by lack of sufficient numbers of good bacteria that are required in order to kill off bad bacteria.

Taking vitamins as well as acidophilus are perhaps a better bet as compared to taking of oral yeast infection medications that in most cases are what doctors prescribe to cure oral yeast infection. However, antifungal antibiotics such as Nystatin too are quite effective as too are Amphotericin and Ketoconazole preparations.