Simple Tips On How To Get Rid Of Yeast Infection

TIP! If you spend a lot of time at the pool or sauna, remove your wet or damp clothing as soon as possible. Avoid wearing clothing that’s wet because it’s a breeding ground for yeast.

While being a woman is great, there are many health issues that affect us. Yeast infections are much more common in women than in men, and if you have ever suffered from one, you know the pain and irritation associated with this infection. This article has some great tips to help you prevent and treat yeast infections.

TIP! Healthy bacterias and cultures can help. This culture can be found in food, such as yogurt, and can stop a yeast infection in its tracks.

Remove all wet clothing right away. Avoid clothing that is still wet, as that promotes ideal conditions for the growth of yeast. Make sure you are completely dry once the wet clothes are removed, and then go ahead and put on dry clothes.

TIP! Try to avoid the decorative underwear if you tend to get yeast infections. Cotton will absorb moisture whereas synthetic materials do the opposite.

Which products do you use in the bath? Soaps and body wash products with fragrances and other chemical ingredients could be the cause of your frequent yeast infections. These things have the tendency to mess with pH balances which can make certain areas breeding grounds for yeast. Try using items that are hypoallergenic to avoid painful irritation and infection.

TIP! A warm bath can be taken at night with a little cider vinegar added to the water. The vinegar will keep the yeast from spreading and help your vagina restore its natural pH.

Cotton panties are the way to go when trying to prevent yeast infections. You may enjoy the look of synthetic fibers, but they may cause you discomfort down the road. Cotton is a breathable material that will give your vagina much needed air circulation. When you do this, you may never have an infection again.

TIP! If you would like to avoid yeast infections, do not use scented soap or bubble bath. Scented bath products contain chemicals that promote yeast growth, which in turn increases the chance of getting a yeast infection.

Avoid scented soaps and bubble baths to prevent any yeast infections. The fragrance can cause yeast to grow, which raises your chances if becoming infected. Tampons or scented sanitary pads shouldn’t be used either since they affect the vaginal area in the same way.

Yeast Infection

TIP! If you are an avid exerciser or swimmer, it is important to change your clothes. Do not wear sweaty or wet clothing for long periods of time.

Eat yogurt and garlic. When relieving the symptoms, or preventing the symptoms, of a yeast infection is necessary, garlic is great tool. You should be able to find odorless garlic pills in your pharmacy or health center. When you eat about two cups of yogurt with live cultures, you are going to help yourself greatly reduce your chances of a yeast infection.

TIP! Yeast thrives in an environment that is both warm and wet. When you are sitting in a wet bathing suit, you are giving yeast a perfect area to grow.

Using apple cider vinegar to treat a yeast infection is a natural, old-fashioned remedy. Rub diluted apple cider vinegar into your infection for soothing relief. Since the vinegar is quite concentrated, it is important to dilute it. If you have a lot of itching, add garlic for more comfort.

TIP! If you are sexually active, both partners should be treated for a yeast infection if one of them has one. The yeast moves from person to person, wreaking havoc.

Once you’ve dealt with yeast infection more than once, take a look at your eating habits as they may be the cause. The more sugar you eat, the more the yeast has to dine on. If you find that your eating habits are poor and do contribute to infections, switch out sugar-infused snacks with fruits and veggies paired with nuts.

TIP! Avoid scented feminine hygiene products. Disturbing the pH balance of your vagina will result in a yeast problem.

Be proactive about preventing a yeast infection when you are on antibiotics. Antibiotics are often prescribed to combat bacteria and viruses, though they can cause imbalances in vaginal pH. Try taking extra probiotics or talk to your doctor and ask what he recommends.

Tight Clothing

TIP! To soothe itching, use gentle products. The burning and itching that comes with a yeast infection might make you desperate for relief.

Skinny jeans and other extra tight clothing should always be avoided. While tight clothing may look good, they don’t let your crotch breathe like it needs to. Yeast infections develop in warm, moist environments with little circulation. Wear pants that are comfortable and light.

TIP! If you are suffering from a yeast infection but don’t like taking medication, try a herbal approach. Rosemary, cedar and goldenseal are just some herbs that can inhibit yeast’s growth.

If you have just begun using a new form of contraception and have experienced yeast infections, it may be the contraceptive that is causing the problem. Many birth control pills are high in estrogen, and this hormone can cause an imbalance in the area that will lead to a yeast infection. Speak to your physician regarding a possible change in your birth control method.

Yeast Infections

TIP! Garlic is helpful in curing a yeast infection. If garlic’s flavor is unappetizing to you, there are taste-free garlic pills.

Yeast infections are a disturbing reality for women. Take preventative measures to prevent yeast infections to begin with, but if you get one, try using these tips to eliminate it quickly.