The Most Common Symptoms Of A Yeast Infections

Most people have heard of yeast infections before and while they are extremely common, there are still a lot of people who aren´t exactly sure what they are. Women are far more susceptible to yeast infections than men. Statistics show that one out of every two women will have at least one yeast infection in their life and as many as one in every twenty women will have recurring yeast infections. There is nothing wrong with you if you happen to develop a yeast infection, just make sure that you deal with it appropriately.

By knowing what the symptoms of a yeast infection are, a woman will know when they have a problem and get treatment for it right away. Typically the most common symptoms include an itching and burning of the vagina, especially during urination. You may also have a pain or discomfort during sex. Fortunately the symptoms of a yeast infection can be treated all at once if the right product is used.

Most women notice a cottage cheese like discharge from their vagina and it usually has a foul odor. It works to treat the infection right at the source, as the medication is in capsule form and is inserted directly into the vagina. Just be aware that the symptoms of a yeast infection can often be misleading and because the symptoms are so subtle and general, they could very easily be the result of another condition. It is a topical medication that is used as a single application and which is effective enough to treat even recurring yeast infections.

There are also a lot of different herbal remedies and alternative treatments that work quite well. For treatment women need to deal with an overgrowth of vaginal yeast because this is what results in the infection. There are some products that work very quickly and secretly to treat a yeast infection, including Monistat and Canesten. It works because of the terpinen-4-ol compound contained in the formula.

Just as important as treating a yeast infection is taking preventive steps to avoid having one return in the future. Changing your diet is one of the first tasks at hand, because you should be eating as healthily as possible. The clothes a woman wears greatly affect the likelihood of her developing a yeast infection. Wearing looser fitting clothing will help by letting air get to the vagina and preventing an overgrowth of bacteria.