What is my Male Yeast Infection Cause?

So you have been experiencing the typical symptoms of a male yeast infection including burning and itching while urination and pain during sexual intercourse. If you think that you have a yeast infection then of course you are going to have to get male yeast infection medicine or other treatment for it as soon as possible.

You are probably wondering what the male yeast infection cause is in your case. Well there are a few different possibilities. Maybe you contracted it from your sexual partner. This is often the case either because the person did not realize that they even had a yeast infection, or they knew and just continued to have sex anyway.

Another possible male yeast infection cause is that you are just eating too many foods that are high in yeast. A certain amount of yeast in the body is normal but once it becomes too much it often results in a yeast infection which is what you are dealing with now.

Hormonal changes can also be the male yeast infection cause, as can certain medications. If your doctor has just started you on a new medication and you have developed a yeast infection soon after it is possible that the medication is the reason for it.

Male Yeast Infection Treatment

No matter what the male yeast infection cause may be, it is important that you get treatment for it as soon as possible. There are quite a few different things that one can do when they are suffering from a yeast infection.

If you are a man you may be surprised to learn this but you can just go out and purchase any female yeast infection product such as Monistat. These work just as effectively for men who have yeast infections even though they say on the label that they are for vaginal use. You should not worry about this and know that if you went in to talk to your doctor this is probably what they would suggest to you anyway.

There are also some great home remedies that work very effectively for treating yeast infections and which you can try out. Apple cider vinegar and yogurt both work very well.

The reason that it is so important to figure out the male yeast infection cause is because if you know the cause of your infection you are likely to be able to avoid it in the future and avoid getting another yeast infection.