There Are Several Natural Cures For Yeast Infections

If you happen to be female then the odds are that you will get at least one vaginal yeast infection during the course of your life. Fortunately it is easy to treat a yeast infection with over the counter or prescription strength antifungal treatments. However, such treatments can cost between ten and sixty dollars on average. If you frequently suffer from yeast infections then the cost of these antifungal creams, suppositories and oral caplets can soon add up.

Do you suffer from more than your fair share of vaginal yeast infections? Would you like to know how to cure a yeast infection without having to spend so much money? If so the solution is to look for inexpensive natural cures for yeast infections. At the same time there are certain measures you can take to reduce the number of vaginal yeast infections you get.

Natural Cures For Yeast Infections – Ordinary Household Products

You will find many natural cures for yeast infections in the kitchen of your home. Plain yogurt, for example, is a natural cure for yeast infections. Plain yogurt contains a bacterium called Lactobacillus acidophilus. The same bacteria can be found on a healthy vagina and it kills off Candida yeast by eliminating hydrogen peroxide, which causes the infection to multiply and flourish. You can gently apply the yogurt topically to the skin of the outer genital region. Alternatively you can find a method of freezing the yogurt so that you can use it as a vaginal suppository.

There are other inexpensive natural cures for yeast infections. Some women find that adding a little apple cider vinegar to their bath water provides some relief, but never apply it directly because it will hurt. There are also some natural cures for yeast infections that you ingest instead of applying topically. Garlic in clove or capsule form helps treat yeast infections because it has natural antibiotic properties. You should also make sure your diet is nutritionally balanced, take a good multivitamin that includes adequate amounts of B complex vitamins and up your water intake.

Natural Cures For Yeast Infections – A Few Small Changes

As well as trying natural cures for yeast infections there are some simple measures you can take to stop getting so many infections in the future. Yeast infections are often caused by chaffing from tight fitting clothing which causes irritation. Therefore you might want to avoid wearing lacy underwear, thongs or tight fitting pants. Instead make sure your pants fit loosely and wear plain cotton underwear that will not cause irritation. Stay away from scented soap bars and body washes and take care to dry off thoroughly after showering or bathing. Try not to take antibiotics when you get sick unless you absolutely must and avoid stress whenever possible. These simple changes should help reduce the number of yeast infections you get.