A Guide To Male Yeast Infection Symptoms

Although women are more likely to suffer from yeast infections, it is possible for anyone to have it, including babies and men. Like women, men also have candida in their gut, and it’s overgrowth causes yeast infections. Various skin rashes, oral thrush, and athlete’s foot are various yeast infections linked to candida.

Yeast infection that affects the genital regions is known as penile yeast infection, and it can be caused by various factors. Unprotected intercourse with a woman suffering from the infection can transmit it to the men, just like any other sexually transmitted disease. Antibiotics can also cause penile yeast infection, as they destroy good, as well as bad bacteria causing imbalance in the gut flora, resulting in candida overgrowth, and hence infection.

Male Yeast Infection Symptoms

Some of the most common male yeast infection symptoms include soreness and irritation in the tip of penis, itchiness in the area, white and thick discharge, and small itchy red bumps on the penis shaft and the surrounding area.

If male yeast infection symptoms are left untreated, the infection can pass on the partner. Sometimes, person may think that he is having a yeast infection, but the symptoms maybe caused by some other medical conditions called genital herpes, which is entirely different from infection. It is a chronic sexually transmitted disease causing itchy little bumps, and requires a different treatment.

Male yeast infection symptoms are treated with the same topical creams that are prescribed to women for vaginal yeast infection. These creams can be bought without doctor’s prescription at the local pharmacy. If you are suffering from this infection for the first time, it is a good idea to visit the doctor and get it checked. Male yeast infection symptoms also include digestive problems such as bad breath, constipation, indigestion, bloating, frequent diarrhea, intestinal gas, loose stools, irritability, mood swings, memory loss, fatigue, dry skin and sexual dysfunction. Consumption of food products that have been contaminated with molds and fungus also cause the infection. It also affects uncircumcised men more than men that have been circumcised.

Penile yeast infection can be avoided by practicing safe sex. Gentian violet is an anti-fungal that has been used for years with great success. Organic coconut oil has been medically proven to be anti-fungal, and it explodes the plasma and nucleus of yeast cell, hence killing it. To treat male yeast infection symptoms, probiotics can be used directly on the penis, and active bacteria will kill the yeast. For some men, white diluted vinegar is quite effective.

For women, yeast infection pregnancy symptoms are quite similar to those of men such as white discharge, itchiness, soreness and swelling. For pregnant women, it is however advisable to consult the doctor instead of trying any home remedy or over the counter drugs.